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SALT TALKS, SALT TALKS Lunch & Learn, & the SALT TEENS for your reference

Here are our resource links: 

  1. Here is the youtube link for the SALT Season & kick off Sept 13th session: . This video is also available on our SALT Google Drive & Youtube Channel.  Please encourage families & staff to subscribe to our youtube channel:
  2. Facebook Event info for the Sept 13th event: 
  3. Facebook Event info for the Sept 14th event: 
  4. SALT Google Drive for SALT Schedule & this season info:  
  5. Make sure when you share this link is included with your emails. Pre-registration link to sign up for this season sessions:
  6. SALT YouTube Channel:


Patti Strom

Parent Resource Coordinator / Trainer
S.A.L.T. - School to Adult Life Transition Series™ 
SALT TALKS - An Online Transition Series
SALT-TEENS TALK - An Online Student Transition Series
SALT Serving Southwest Ohio